on the edge, kenya



Dorkas Muia is a 48 year old woman living on the edge of Tsavo National Park (Kenya).

The closest village is 2 hour walk from her house. She usually looks for work in the near shamba (a local farm), where she gets paid either in food (bananas or maize) and occasionally in money. Four KGs of maize provide food for two days for her and the 6 children.

She also grows beans and maize in her own garden. When the elephants don’t reach her crops, she harvests and gives the leftover of the maize to the neighbours to feed their cattle and she receives help in digging her garden in return.
On a daily basis, she also fetches fresh water walking for two hours to reach the closest spring.

Dorkas’ husband is usually away looking for work. Despite she is the only one in charge of the family, she manages to send all her kids to primary and secondary school.

She knows how to knit but she cannot afford any professional equipment.
Dorkas, is an example of many other incredibly strong women who face the same challenges and live life with humbleness, a practical approach and despite everything, they manage to wear a smile on their faces.