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Lira Regional Referral Hospital, commonly known as Lira Hospital is located in Lira, Northern Uganda, about 330 km north of Kampala. It is the referral hospital for the districts of Amolatar, Apac, Dokolo, Lira, Kole and Oyam.

Lira Hospital is a public structure, funded by the Uganda Ministry of Health and general care in the hospital is offered for free. It is one of the thirteen Regional Referral Hospitals in Uganda.
It is designated as one of the fifteen Internship Hospitals in Uganda where graduates of Ugandan medical schools can serve one year of internship under the supervision of qualified specialists and consultants.

In 2014 Lira Hospital’s bed capacity is quoted as 400, an annual in-patient admission of 18,000, and an annual out-patient department attendance of 200,000 patients.

The Maternity Department is considered one of the best serviced. Despite the large amount of women in labour attended, only last year the the hospital was able to afford two incubators for treating prematurely born children.