angela’s ashes




A musical adaptation of Frank McCourt’s Pulitzer Prize Award Winning Autobiography, Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir of a Childhood.

Life isn’t easy growing up in the lanes of 1930’s Limerick, especially for a young Irish Catholic boy, but McCourt’s inspiring story of survival is a testament to the strength and tenacity of the human spirit. A world-renowned best seller that became a major motion picture, Angela’s Ashes has been adapted into a stage musical that conveys the story’s inherent warmth and humour through a score of original songs.
In 2001, at the end of my BA in Modern Languages and Literatures, I wrote my thesis on this subject: “From the words of Frank McCourt to the images of Alan Parker: the cinematographic transposition of “
Angela’s Ashes: memoir of a childhood“”.

Eleven years later I had the immense pleasure to document the Musical based upon Frank McCourt’s book.
“It’s a superb show. It fully expresses the humour of Frank McCourt’s writing. It makes you cry and laugh at once. Truly impressive!” – Monia Antonioli

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